Monday, March 16, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 5}

Buenos Dias!!
O Noches.. Depends when you're reading this I guess.

But anywho, howdy friends!
I hope you have had a fabulous week!
My week was actually pretty awesome. It was like a 7 day spiritual high. Fabulous.
If you haven't yet, read chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel.
Here is the link for you all: (PMG chapter 6)
If you want to be a better missionary or a better person in general, STUDY THIS CHAPTER.
I fell in love with it.
Also three of my friends in the field wrote home this week and said to read this chapter.
So go read it right now. Please.

So for your Mission Prep Monday I just want to share some random tips, hints, and knowledge.
Here are some tips from those already in the field and some things I have learned so far!!

1. Read the White Handbook- I know it is sounds so funny but strict obedience really actually does bring blessings.
2. Memorize where scripture mastery scriptures are!! 
3. When you are teaching people, only teach the very basics. Line upon line. Sweet, Simple, and to the point. Think of them as babies in the gospel because that is what they are. They are just being introduced to this stuff and they need the basics first.
4. A small hymn book has come in extremely handy!
5. The gospel art book is great :)

6. Flip Flops are life savers for the MTC.

7. Bring a picture or two at least of your family! People will ask you about your family ALL THE Time!
8. I absolutely love post it notes. The little ones are the best. Scripture markers or colored pens are also kind of a must in my opinion.
9. Bring a small copy of your patriarchal blessing that can fit in your white handbook or journal so you can read it during the sacrament.
10. Bring a watch!
11. The MTC provides you with sheets, a pillow, and a really thin blanket but for me it was enough I could have just sent my bedding right to my mission (it depends on your mission and MTC. Make sure to check!!)
12. Memorize the bullet points in the teaching pamphlets and memorize the 1st vision in PMG.
13.Double sided skirts have been nice.
14.SKIRTS :) Do Not Compromise! I promise that if your skirts are not completely modest you will not feel comfortable wearing them.!!!
15. If  you are going somewhere cold. BRING THERMAL TIGHTS!!!! I LOVE MINE!
16. When you get out be patient with your companion. They are learning too! 
17. SERVE YOUR COMPANION!!!! It is super super super important.
(Above adapted from an email from Sister Kraft, serving in Pennsylvania.)
18. Wait to buy things until you have your call!!
19. Accept help and charity!! Let friends and family gain blessings from helping you. They want to help!
20. Pray for your investigators! It makes all the preparation feel real and they start to become people.
21. Your mission is just as important as everyone else's. God doesn't care more about the people in Peru than He does in Idaho. He loves ALL His children.
22. SERVE. Start serving now. In all you do. Ask yourself "Who can I serve today?" or "How can I serve this person?" I promise it makes a difference.
23. PRAY PRAY PRAY. Ask for help. He wants to help.

I hope this helps!! Comment with any other helpful tips you may have!
Have a wonderful week full of awesome experiences. I testify that through the Atonement and Christ's help, we can change. We can be better. We can become who He wants us to be.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

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