Sunday, April 26, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 8}

The farewell talk. Today.
Can you believe it's here already?
9 days until I depart.
9 days until I get to the Lima MTC.
I will post the transcript of my talk soon <3

I thought the talk went well, and the food afterwards was good.
So that's always a bonus.

So what's the preparation tips for this week?

No, my suitcases are not yet packed. Most of the stuff I have to use daily so naturally I procrastinate.
Here are some useful tips I have found!
Check luggage allowances!
Figure out how large, and how much you can take.
Going over is very expensive and can put you in a panic.
Allow for extra weight!
You are given books and items in the MTC, so don't forget to account for that!
Rule of 4!
If it can't go with at least 4 other things, don't bring it!
You definitely want to be able to use everything you bring. Don't waste any space!!
Get 360 rolley wheels!
These can SAVE YOU in an airport. I have loved mine so far.

So there's my packing tips for this week. I'll try and post more as I actually pack..

Conference talks about missionaries are usually pretty cool.
Preach My Gospel. Like always. Duh.
Book of Mormon. My favorite of this week is Alma 26. (Alma 26:12 is my mission scripture)

So those are my tips and hints this week. It's a short one, but I'm sure you can forgive me.
As always, life is busy and God is good.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

Saturday, April 11, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 7}

Hola mis amigos.
Como estas?

Bueno! Estoy bien!
I am doing so great! But let me again say, busy!!

I'm just going to put a small plug in for my amazing family and friends!
There's no way I could do this without you guys!
(Visit the blog of one of my besties at
(She's amazing and super pretty so you should do it)

I have some big news for you kids and you should most definitely get hype about this.

*cues drum roll*

I will fly out of Salt Lake on the morning of May 5th!! I will arrive in Peru (late) that night.
It's really happening!!!
Less than a month.
Farewell invites are ordered.
Farewell menu is figured out.
I'm ready! 
(Totally not yet. I definitely need these next 3 weeks.)

Some things to expect: BUSY. People are like "let's hang out!" and you're like "alright how does January of 2017 sound?" 
Seriously. It's craziness these last few weeks.
Expect to be broke as well.
Missionary supplies get pricey. Especially when you have to buy 18 months worth of everything.

This weeks buys:
Tights from ShopKo, JCPenney's, and Dillards
Down Comforter from Macy's
Twin Sheets and King Sheets (to make a comforter cover) from Ross
2 Skirts from Ross
Ponytails and bobby pins from Walmart
Exercise clothes from JCPenny's
PJ's from Dillard's
Shower flip flops from Rue21

As you can see, you have to buy a lot of random things. Thankfully winter clothes and tights were on clearance everywhere! Yay clearance!! 

The sooner you can start shopping, the better. In my opinion at least.
Then again I love to shop.
Here's some thoughts from General Conference this last weekend.

How grateful I am for these amazing leaders in my life. Direct inspiration from our Loving Father in Heaven. I loved conference and all the amazing testimonies of Christ!

Well. Again, I have many things to get done. So I will bid you all farewell.

xo Besos y Abrazos xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris