Sunday, April 26, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 8}

The farewell talk. Today.
Can you believe it's here already?
9 days until I depart.
9 days until I get to the Lima MTC.
I will post the transcript of my talk soon <3

I thought the talk went well, and the food afterwards was good.
So that's always a bonus.

So what's the preparation tips for this week?

No, my suitcases are not yet packed. Most of the stuff I have to use daily so naturally I procrastinate.
Here are some useful tips I have found!
Check luggage allowances!
Figure out how large, and how much you can take.
Going over is very expensive and can put you in a panic.
Allow for extra weight!
You are given books and items in the MTC, so don't forget to account for that!
Rule of 4!
If it can't go with at least 4 other things, don't bring it!
You definitely want to be able to use everything you bring. Don't waste any space!!
Get 360 rolley wheels!
These can SAVE YOU in an airport. I have loved mine so far.

So there's my packing tips for this week. I'll try and post more as I actually pack..

Conference talks about missionaries are usually pretty cool.
Preach My Gospel. Like always. Duh.
Book of Mormon. My favorite of this week is Alma 26. (Alma 26:12 is my mission scripture)

So those are my tips and hints this week. It's a short one, but I'm sure you can forgive me.
As always, life is busy and God is good.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

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