Monday, March 30, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 6}

First off, HUGE apology for skipping last week...
The closer you get to leaving, the busier you are. It's insane.

So be prepared for that crazy busy feeling!
One of the hardest things for me has been staying motivated lately.
I'm tired of working and cleaning my room and packing.
I know it will come soon enough, but it's just to that point.

4 weeks until my farewell and 5 weeks until I leave. 

So what are my tips and helps on staying motivated?
Here's a few things I have found to really help!

*Follow the mission schedule as best you can. 
This includes getting up and exercising! This has helped me start my day out positively, I feel better about myself, and I see progress! And who doesn't love actually getting 8 hours of sleep?

*Keep it all in perspective.
Sometimes the Lord's timing is different than ours. 

I can't tell you how much more often I have prayed since I got my call. Before it was maybe twice or three times a day. Now it's like every 10 minutes I ask for help.

*Serve everyone around you.
Family, friends, coworkers, waiters, anyone. They are all God's children. You never know what they may need. On a mission and in life, we should be serving constantly.
I like to look at people and think, "How can I serve them today?"
It has made me learn to love my friends and family more. This one has changed me tons already.

Well those are a few tips from me. Share with us any you have found helpful to staying motivated!!

This next little section, I just want to share some thoughts and quotes from studying the last few weeks.

"Quit telling God how big your storms are, and start telling your storms how big your God is."
I heard this at church yesterday and loved it. God is greater than ALL.

Quick side story. Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go to lunch with a friend visiting from out of state. He is a very devout Christian, and we had the opportunity to discuss a few things. We talked a lot about Christ and our relationship with him. We naturally discussed our differing views on grace and salvation. He asked me a lot of questions I couldn't answer. I don't know everything, despite the fact that I wish I did.
Some of these questions got me thinking.
Specifically about Christ and my relationship with him. The next chapter in family reading was Mosiah 3.
Mosiah chapter 3.
Honestly it's amazing. I read through it like 3 times in the last week. My heart was filled with gratitude when I realized how much we know about Christ and His Atonement. READ MOSIAH 3. It is amazing and I was honestly so grateful for the knowledge I have. It amazes me how much God wants us to know. We just have to seek.

So those were my greatest spiritual enlightenment of the week.
I know this post is getting long, but I didn't write last week.. Bear with me!!

Here are a few really helpful links to shopping/packing lists!! These are some of my favorites.

This one is helpful to adjusting to those wonderful new G's!
Tips on How to Look Cute with Garments!

I hope these are helpful. I like having multiple lists because I almost always forget something. It's good to compile them to your needs! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

Monday, March 16, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 5}

Buenos Dias!!
O Noches.. Depends when you're reading this I guess.

But anywho, howdy friends!
I hope you have had a fabulous week!
My week was actually pretty awesome. It was like a 7 day spiritual high. Fabulous.
If you haven't yet, read chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel.
Here is the link for you all: (PMG chapter 6)
If you want to be a better missionary or a better person in general, STUDY THIS CHAPTER.
I fell in love with it.
Also three of my friends in the field wrote home this week and said to read this chapter.
So go read it right now. Please.

So for your Mission Prep Monday I just want to share some random tips, hints, and knowledge.
Here are some tips from those already in the field and some things I have learned so far!!

1. Read the White Handbook- I know it is sounds so funny but strict obedience really actually does bring blessings.
2. Memorize where scripture mastery scriptures are!! 
3. When you are teaching people, only teach the very basics. Line upon line. Sweet, Simple, and to the point. Think of them as babies in the gospel because that is what they are. They are just being introduced to this stuff and they need the basics first.
4. A small hymn book has come in extremely handy!
5. The gospel art book is great :)

6. Flip Flops are life savers for the MTC.

7. Bring a picture or two at least of your family! People will ask you about your family ALL THE Time!
8. I absolutely love post it notes. The little ones are the best. Scripture markers or colored pens are also kind of a must in my opinion.
9. Bring a small copy of your patriarchal blessing that can fit in your white handbook or journal so you can read it during the sacrament.
10. Bring a watch!
11. The MTC provides you with sheets, a pillow, and a really thin blanket but for me it was enough I could have just sent my bedding right to my mission (it depends on your mission and MTC. Make sure to check!!)
12. Memorize the bullet points in the teaching pamphlets and memorize the 1st vision in PMG.
13.Double sided skirts have been nice.
14.SKIRTS :) Do Not Compromise! I promise that if your skirts are not completely modest you will not feel comfortable wearing them.!!!
15. If  you are going somewhere cold. BRING THERMAL TIGHTS!!!! I LOVE MINE!
16. When you get out be patient with your companion. They are learning too! 
17. SERVE YOUR COMPANION!!!! It is super super super important.
(Above adapted from an email from Sister Kraft, serving in Pennsylvania.)
18. Wait to buy things until you have your call!!
19. Accept help and charity!! Let friends and family gain blessings from helping you. They want to help!
20. Pray for your investigators! It makes all the preparation feel real and they start to become people.
21. Your mission is just as important as everyone else's. God doesn't care more about the people in Peru than He does in Idaho. He loves ALL His children.
22. SERVE. Start serving now. In all you do. Ask yourself "Who can I serve today?" or "How can I serve this person?" I promise it makes a difference.
23. PRAY PRAY PRAY. Ask for help. He wants to help.

I hope this helps!! Comment with any other helpful tips you may have!
Have a wonderful week full of awesome experiences. I testify that through the Atonement and Christ's help, we can change. We can be better. We can become who He wants us to be.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

Monday, March 9, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 4}

Hola mis amigos!

Happy Mission Prep Monday!!!
Also happy email day! I love hearing from the missionaries!

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I don't usually like long posts but I feel it's needed today.

Hopefully your week has been great!!

Here's a quick review of my week last week!
Monday: sick
Tuesday: sick 
Wednesday: still sick
Thursday: wisdom teeth removal
Friday: wisdom teeth removal recovery
Saturday: wisdom teeth removal recovery
Sunday: mom super sick and passing out

Long story short, it was an eventful week that was kind of tough.
The great thing about last week, is a. It's over, and b. it's a new week!!

On a similar note, I would like to discuss something.

Today I would like to talk about friends and moving on.

I had some interesting experiences this week with friends and I figured I would share.
Let me start by saying, sometimes you have to let go.
I have a few very difficult friends.
I also have some super awesome friends.
I love them all.

But sometimes you have to love them from afar.

Let me explain.

Let me share my newly found knowledge from this week about friends.

Sometimes they just need to talk.
Sometimes you just need to listen.
As a missionary you do quite a bit of listening.
Or at least you should.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Try hard to specifically listen to one person this week. I promise it will make a difference.

Other times you have to love people. From afar.

Leaving on a mission means leaving a lot of things behind. Sometimes it's friends.

This is hard. I guarantee it's not easy.
Focus on the Lord. 
He will help you make righteous decisions.
Don't let a friendship (or relationship for that matter) get in the way with your relationship with God.
Friends are important. But your relationship with God and your Savior are eternal.

Keep that in mind.
To close, I just want to share a wonderful video with you all.
It's the youth theme from 2014.
Come Unto Christ.

"Come unto Christ, come unto Him. And by His grace be made holy AGAIN."
It's a process friends. Again and again His grace makes us whole.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

Monday, March 2, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 3}

Let me just start with this: Life is BUSY.
Holy cow.
Every day there are about a billion and a half things to do.
And that's all besides preparing for a mission.

Today's focus: General Preparation

Just a hint for all those getting ready to leave: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL.
First off, ask your mom or your grandma or whoever that lady is from your ward.
They will help you. Seriously just ask.

Second, realize that you will be studying the gospel and your mission language up to 10 hours a day in the Missionary Training Center.
Yes, it is definitely a good thing to study all you can. But there's other things to get in order too.
The Lord needs you to be temporally prepared.
All those things need to be in order and He understands that!!
He doesn't expect you to give up your life yet. That comes once you are set apart.

For me, here are a few things left on the to-do list:
  • SHOPPING - I still have a lot of things to go buy..
  • Getting scholarships in order - A lot of schools and scholarships require a copy of your mission call to be submitted to them.
  • Wisdom teeth - later this week. Can you tell how excited I am?
  • Order new eye glasses and contacts.
  • Mission and family pictures.
  • Mark all clothes with iron on labels
  • Print 4 generation chart
  • Family photo album
As you can tell, there is still a lot to get done, not to mention being spiritually ready for an 18 month excursion into a foreign land.

Now here's some pretty pictures of Peru for you to enjoy.

It's gorgeous and I am super excited!

Awesome old buildings!

This one for my mom. She has this things with cool old doors.. 

I will be sure to send home lots of pictures! I love pictures!! 
I just wish my dad still had more of his adventures in Peru.
Oh well. I'm sure I will have enough for every day of the year for like 3 years when I get home.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo
Until next time,

Hermana Morris