Monday, March 9, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 4}

Hola mis amigos!

Happy Mission Prep Monday!!!
Also happy email day! I love hearing from the missionaries!

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I don't usually like long posts but I feel it's needed today.

Hopefully your week has been great!!

Here's a quick review of my week last week!
Monday: sick
Tuesday: sick 
Wednesday: still sick
Thursday: wisdom teeth removal
Friday: wisdom teeth removal recovery
Saturday: wisdom teeth removal recovery
Sunday: mom super sick and passing out

Long story short, it was an eventful week that was kind of tough.
The great thing about last week, is a. It's over, and b. it's a new week!!

On a similar note, I would like to discuss something.

Today I would like to talk about friends and moving on.

I had some interesting experiences this week with friends and I figured I would share.
Let me start by saying, sometimes you have to let go.
I have a few very difficult friends.
I also have some super awesome friends.
I love them all.

But sometimes you have to love them from afar.

Let me explain.

Let me share my newly found knowledge from this week about friends.

Sometimes they just need to talk.
Sometimes you just need to listen.
As a missionary you do quite a bit of listening.
Or at least you should.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Try hard to specifically listen to one person this week. I promise it will make a difference.

Other times you have to love people. From afar.

Leaving on a mission means leaving a lot of things behind. Sometimes it's friends.

This is hard. I guarantee it's not easy.
Focus on the Lord. 
He will help you make righteous decisions.
Don't let a friendship (or relationship for that matter) get in the way with your relationship with God.
Friends are important. But your relationship with God and your Savior are eternal.

Keep that in mind.
To close, I just want to share a wonderful video with you all.
It's the youth theme from 2014.
Come Unto Christ.

"Come unto Christ, come unto Him. And by His grace be made holy AGAIN."
It's a process friends. Again and again His grace makes us whole.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo

Until next time,

Hermana Morris

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