Monday, February 16, 2015

{Mission Preparation Round 1}

Heya friends!
As you might assume, an 18 month trip to somewhere very different from home might take quite a bit of preparation.

The inspiration for the name of this blog came from this wonderful picture.
Not only is it hilarious, it is completely applicable.

I plan on writing some quick preparation tips every Monday until I leave.
Today's focus is on packing your bags!! And shopping!!

When you open your call packet, you will see a wonderful packing list. 
It seems fairly complete until you start itemizing the list on a separate paper.
You then realize how much you have to fit into 2 suitcases.

But really there's a lot you have to get in there.
Skirts, blouses, shoes, make up, tampons (yeah... you need those), pillow, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, towels (basically just bring your whole bathroom), and that's just getting started.
For a shopper and clothes lover, I think this is going to be a trial.

My biggest tips, especially for missionaries going to under-developed countries are these:

*Dark colored skirts - Expect to get dirty
*Long, full skirts - I won't have a bike, but it's never bad to be extra covered
*DI + Thrift stores! Buy used!! It's cheaper. It's more efficient. It's green (yay!).
*TRY IT ON - It make look long enough online. It's not.
*Your mom's opinion really does matter - She's lived longer. Take her word for it.
*Check reviews and Pinterest - people give honest, helpful opinions!

Like any trip, this will take research, time, physical preparation, spiritual encouragement, and some adjusting. You'll get there. Be patient with yourself.

More shopping and packing tips to come. Stay tuned.

xo Hugs and Kisses xo
Until next time,

Hermana Morris 

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